Google wants Glass-like headsets with holographic displays

Back in January this year, Google Glass had been removed from the market after the much hyped eye-wearable failed to take off. Google seems to be still persisting with the project, which has now been given a new name, Project Aura.


Apparently another patent uploaded at USPTO shows a “head wearable display” that would show holograms as being developed by Google. According to Mashable Asia, “Google Glass” is Google’s effort to develop glasses that amplify or compliment reality. Google’s new wearable technology initiative Project Aura has been tasked with reviving Google Glass, which has been described as an expensive gadget that has no clear uses for consumers.

Gizmodo reported that the patent application published by Google indicated the use of holographic images with a head wearable display.

The next generation Google Glass will come with a range of new features including being foldable, waterproof and more durable, according to leaks. Google is said to have invested largely into augmented reality flagships like the alleged mysterious Magic Leap’s project.

Imagine a pair of glasses that project a virtual map as you walk down a new road, or turn your office into a gaming arena where you fight out zombies. Filed in March 2014, the patent shows Google’s research into how it could merge its head mounted display technology with AR.

‘This latter type of HMD typically includes a few form of see-through eyepiece and can serve as the hardware platform for realising augmented reality.

According to the patent details, “with augmented reality, the viewer’s image of the world is augmented with an overlaying CGI, also referred to as a heads-up display”.


The company, which received $542 million (£352 million) in funding by Google, released a video showcasing its augmented reality graphics in a real-life setting. By adding this feature to Glass, it is possible to create augmented reality experiences with computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Google Plans To Build Headsets With Holographic Displays