GOP debate’s ratings soar to record numbers on Fox News

Bush, among the rivals scrambling for notice in a campaign dominated at the moment by Donald Trump, said, “I don’t view debating as a question of winning and losing”.


Some pundits thought that the heat might have been muted for the very first debate, but all he did was turn it up even higher on the nine other candidates. Ohio Governor John Kasich, who I said recently was an underdog to watch since he is a more moderate Republican, was one of the stars of last night’s debate.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky did take on Mr Trump, confronting him after Mr Trump kicked off the debate by refusing to pledge his support for the Republican nominee in the November 2016 election. “However, that is not without its downsides, in particular, when it comes to women”, Fox News personality and moderator Megyn Kelly said.

“I feel like it’s another one of Donald Trump’s reality TV shows”.

After Thursday night’s debate, a long haul is what the GOP appears in for. Since making his comment, O’Donnell responded to Trump’s jab via social media, tweeting: “Try explaining that 2 ur kids”.

“You know, some of the statements she made about the women, I don’t recognize those words whatsoever”, Trump said on ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

Former Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland during the earlier of Thursday’s two Republican presidential primary debates.

Christie told the RedState crowd Friday that his leadership of a Democratic-leaning state makes him “battle tested for Washington”.

Following the debate, Trump launched into a heated “tweetstorm”, tweeting and retweeting comments about Fox News’s alleged mistreatment of him, singling out Kelly. Trump, in defense, said that “the big problem this country has is being politically correct”. I think that Trump advanced his popularity with those who are looking for a political renegade, but also exposed why his anti-political attitude is also a strong negative.

Of course, each candidate’s campaign will attempt to spin the performance, but the fact remains that with the Iowa caucuses just months away, Republican voters must be given the chance to delve into the candidates’ positions on the major issues of the day, including the economy and jobs, immigration and entitlement reform. “We have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense!”

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a former Fox News host got the kid-gloves treatment during a Fox News debate”.

There’s an old saying that one ought not to pick fights with newspapers because they buy ink by the barrel.


“I’m running as a Republican”.

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