GOP on guard as Trump continues to dangle 3rd party prospect

Donald Trump’s habit of shooting off his mouth and provoking outrage isn’t slowing him down at all.


Here are five things to consider as Trump refuses to rule out a third-party effort. And his poll ratings are one measure of how far out of touch the Republican establishment is with the Republican heartland.

As of July 27, Real Clear Politics, which compiles polling data from a host of agencies and sources, showed Trump polling nationally at the top of the robust field of GOP presidential hopefuls. Moon said he invited every Republican presidential candidate to the fundraiser and Trump was the only one to take him up on the offer. This is the latest in a series of polls to show Trump leading the pack. As some of the other candidates run out of money (or out of steam), Trump could actually pick up voters from them.

Trump would seem to be a lock to be on the stage next week in Cleveland for a debate sponsored by Fox News, which will use national polls to determine which 10 of the 17 Republican candidates in the field can participate.

Eventually, most Republican voters will reject the wealthiest of their contenders.

“So many people are on television that don’t know me and they’re like experts on me“, Trump said.

“This is just 24 per cent of a Republican electorate, probably most of whom probably haven’t thought much about the presidential race, have a visceral reaction to Bush, and haven’t really heard about the other candidates”, he said.

In his June campaign announcement speech, Trump said immigrants from Mexico bring crime and drugs into the United States, adding, “They’re rapists”.

Then why is he running for president as a “conservative” Republican?

The first-in-the-nation primary doesn’t take place until February.

Thus, in the next six months, Trump will have to commit some truly egregious blunder that costs him his present following.

It all sets up to make the 1st Republican debate August 6th very interesting.

Trump repeated that the best path forward for him is to win the GOP nomination and face Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

None of the other Republican candidates gained double-digit support. Those thusfar who’ve tried to throw a punch have been excoriated by Trump. And McCain himself was a renegade, “maverick” challenger to George W. Bush when he first won the Granite State in 2000.

In the incredibly close 2000 election, Nader won less than 3 percent of the popular vote and no states. But since then, the numbers have grown even more telling, as his donations have exploded more than 40 percent of his almost $1.4 million in donations have come since 2010. “And when I think that you get folks that are so closely aligned with previous presidents, that problem is nearly unavoidable”.

But for now, that’s tough to do, because Trump’s strategy is to spit out provocative statements, rapid-fire, whipping his supporters into a frenzy, said another GOP strategist. When asked if the media was largely responsible for raising Trump’s profile, Christie declined.


-“I want to run as a Republican”.

As of 2004 Trump told CNN he was more Democrat than Republican. So why doesn't this upset potential GOP primary voters