GOP pressing DOJ about investigation into Clinton emails

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a plan on Wednesday to lower out-of-pocket health costs, including expanded coverage of sick visits to the doctor and tax credits for those with substantial medical bills.


After treating the controversy as a non-issue and even making light of it, this month Clinton officially apologized for her use of a private email server.

During a March 2008 interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes”, Clinton was asked by interviewer Steve Kroft whether she believed Obama was Muslim.

The birther movement, as you may remember, was that thing where people tried to say that President Obama was born in Kenya.

“She’s become shrill”, Trump said of Clinton.

The new emails will be released to the public – after being scrubbed of any sensitive material – just like the other 30,000 emails Clinton submitted.

But State Department officials provided new information Tuesday that undercuts Clinton’s characterization.

The FBI has salvaged work and personal emails thought to have been deleted from the private server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state, Bloomberg first reported Tuesday night. The agency is concerned about whether Hillary Clinton’s private email system exposed any classified information, and if so, the extent of exposure, as well as why it occurred. Officials there are sorting through them and have found dozens of classified documents, although Clinton says she is confident that none of the emails was marked as confidential when she sent or received it.

The intelligence source said, “I would be greatly concerned that the repeated technical problem with the computer were results of someone, (including the possibility of a foreign country), forcing unauthorized access to the server“. Still, she was careful to frame her announcement this week in neither economic nor explicitly environmental terms – the better not to offend pipeline supporters, especially organized labor.

The FBI is investigating how and why classified information ended up on Clinton’s server.

Which brings me back to Clinton. That server had been wiped clean of Clinton’s email after her aides went through its contents and selected thousands of pages of correspondence to turn over. Sanders, who has surpassed Clinton in some polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, said in a statement he was “glad that Secretary Clinton finally has made a decision and I welcome her opposition to the pipeline”.


Freidman further added that democratic candidate Martin O’Malley accused Clinton of being slow to respond.

Clinton aims to tackle out-of-pocket health care costs