Gotham “Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock” Season 2 Episode 2

Barbara Kean, one of the worst characters from last year, has turned into a much more intriguing one this year.


The Maniax make their presence known to the citizens of Gotham in tonight’s all new episode. What did it take to navigate the multiple layers of corruption that secretly ruled Gotham City, the spawning ground of the world’s most iconic villains? Grace under pressure. And who’s the boss? With a maniacal laugh and a disturbing, prosthesis free grin, Monaghan imbues a menace to his portrayal of the character that makes him the second best creation on Gotham after Robin Lord Taylor’s take on The Penguin.

Season 2 has finally began and last week’s premiere episode has proven how exciting this season will become. Where the first season stumbled out of the block by peddling trite procedural and case-of-the-week elements, this second season is crafting not only something bigger, but something much more concise and compelling. Jerome chains each of them to their seats and then covers them with fuel from the refueling truck. In it, Bruce discovers a letter addressed to him from his father.

Once Jerome is installed as the de facto leader of the bunch, Theo readies them to be unleashed on the city.

A new day has come to Gotham City.

The Maniax are pretty awesome as far as villains go, as they’ve completely torn apart the GCPD by week two of this season.

Not exactly a subtle way of getting attention, but it’s the kind of headline the editor at the Gazette was looking to land although he probably preferred it didn’t happen on the newspaper’s roof.

By the time Gordon makes it back to headquarters, the Maniax are gone. “Hell of a first week you’re having, Commissioner”.

Jerome asking the cheerleaders he just doused in gasoline if any of them has a light.

Regardless, Jerome and his guys escape while leaving one man behind to set the fire except his lighter is useless as well.

Gordon isn’t going to find out about Theo Galavan today at least! Instead, he whimpers away and tells her about the key in which flies hum or some such shit. I loved when he shouted as he really shows a dark side, but overall, it really didn’t work to well for the character. Hopefully, his better half will take over soon because the mousy forensics investigator just ain’t cutting it. Bruce explains that he knows Alfred was just trying to protect him – but there is nothing he can do to change his mind about finding out about his father. Alfred says, turning excited. Frustrated by his betrayal, Bruce fires Alfred and tells him to leave. Alfred says he has a train to catch, and as he reaches the door, Bruce says, “Goodbye, Alfred”. Clearly the “We’re all in this together” mentality isn’t working with Theo’s team, so he suggests they settle this the deadliest way possible: Through a little game of Russian Roulette (because duh, right?). Before he can access anything on the computer, Alfred destroys it with a baseball bat. Hooray. Gordon ends up getting a call from Barbara. Barbara watches as the maniac beats the pulp out of Gordon. Gordon wakes up in the alley, disoriented, and heads back to the police station. Theo tells Barbara that her time is coming, but first she has to tell Theo everything that she knows about James Gordon. What was Robert’s objective in all of this again? Nygma later redeems himself when he saves Kringle from the Maniax when they invade GCPD headquarters. Then there’s Jerome, who doesn’t even need motivation. I get that Jerome is supposed to be the Joker, but Cameron Monaghan’s over the top performance is way more Cesar Romero than Heath Ledger and while both of them were iconic versions of the same character one might best be left to battle Adam West and not reincarnated in 2015. Meanwhile, Gordon and the police arrive – the maniacs all get away but Dobkins, and James manages to save the bus full of girls in the knick of time. This tragedy marks the return of Harvey Bullock.


Following the loss of Essen, Bullock comes back to work, which gives Jim his old partner back.

Gotham Episode #202: 'Knock, Knock'