Gov. Malloy orders flags lowered after Oregon shooting

Mr Mercer spoke as officials in Oregon revealed the 26-year-old had killed himself following a shoot-out with police. “Once the names are released, it’s going to hurt this community all over again”.


Students, staff and faculty are evacuated from Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, after a deadly at the school on October 1, 2015.

Biology professor Ken Carloni was sitting in his office in the science building next door when a colleague entered with a startled groundskeeper who said there was a shooting.

Oregon’s top federal prosecutor said the shooter used a handgun when he opened fire on classmates and had stashed a rifle in another room but did not fire it. Police have said they arrived at the Umpqua Community College five minutes after the alarm was raised last Thursday morning. I turned him down because he seemed a little bit too eager to learn high-level tactics like what law-enforcement and military people do.

The writings include feelings of anger about being isolated and unable to form relationships, law enforcement officials said. “It’s clear he was in a very bad state of mind”.

Scroggins also said his daughter heard the gunman tell one victim he would spare that person’s life if the student begged, then shot the begging victim anyway.

In a brief statement on Saturday, the gunman’s family said they were “shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific events”.

Investigators said they were poring through online postings made by the gunman and examining his computer to try and piece together what set off the rampage.

Now, Scroggins said, “sometimes she will be fine, and then she collapses”.

Randy Scroggins said the envelope contained a flash drive.

“They had been waiting for a long time, hoping, praying”, said Nutter, pastor of Hucrest Community Church of God. “All I could do was cry when she answered”. Switzer Learning Center, a school for emotionally disturbed students in Torrance, is a nonpublic school that accepts children as young as third grade.

Officials have not released a motive.

Mr. Harper-Mercer joined the Army for a month in 2008 but was discharged before finishing basic training.

She worked as a caretaker at Pyrenees Vineyards, in Myrtle Creek. She said he always wore earphones and listened to music on the rides.

“At first, I could not recall who he was whatsover”, Breckheimer said Friday.

“Hey blonde girl”, he said, according to her grandmother. “Our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers go out to all of the families of those who died and were injured”. California records show that Ms. Harper had been a licensed vocational nurse. “A man who was known by no one is now known by everyone”.

Authorities have not disclosed whether they have an envelope or package from Harper-Mercer.

At a few point, Harper-Mercer, who identified himself as “mixed race” on a social networking site, appeared to have been sympathetic to the Irish Republican Army, a militant group that waged a violent campaign to drive the British from Northern Ireland. It said he enjoyed horror movies, and under hobbies, it listed “killing zombies” along with the “Internet” and other pursuits.

Harper-Mercer began singling them out for slaughter, telling them to stand and state their religion.


“The more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight”, he said in one post, referring to Vester Flanagan, who shot and killed two journalists during a live broadcast in Virginia in the summer.

Suicide Chris Harper Mercer the gunman in the Oregon shootings killed himself after his rampage