Gov. Mary Fallin issues stay of execution for Richard Glossip

“It’s a potassium salt of a few kind, but no, it’s never been used in executions, and it’s not the same drug (as potassium chloride) at all”, she said. There are three drugs in the cocktail one of which is potassium chloride, but in Glossip’s case, the state somehow ended up with potassium acetate. At 4 p.m., state Corrections Department officials announced the execution would be stayed for 37 days.


“At this point, we’re trying to find out more information”, Alex Gerszewski, a Department of Corrections spokesman, said Wednesday.

Then, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma Ryan Kiesel sent a statement saying “Today, the state has, once again, demonstrated its incompetence”. The U.S. Supreme Court took the case, but ruled in favor of the state and cleared the way for Oklahoma to use midazolam. In the hour that followed, corrections officials awaiting word that it was underway said things were on hold.

The mother-of-three was the first person to be executed in Georgia in 70 years. An Oklahoma appeals court granted a stay just hours before his execution to review the new evidence, and a new date was set.

Glossip was originally scheduled for execution on September 16.

In a speech to the US Congress during his six-day tour of the United States last week, the pontiff had called for the global abolition of the death penalty. “Hopefully, [the Supreme Court] will grant us a stay”.

Pope Francis had urged her to halt the execution.

Garcia, 35, was convicted of murder in 2000 for his role in the 1998 fatal shooting of Hugo Solano in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Glossip was convicted in the murder of Barry Van Treese, whose killer, Justin Sneed, testified that Glossip hired him to beat the motel owner to death with a baseball bat in 1997.

Glossip’s attorneys also argued that his original defense attorneys did not perform an adequate job.

Glossip’s attorneys argued in a brief Wednesday morning that too much doubt exists for Glossip’s execution to go forward.

The new evidence includes a signed affidavit from another inmate who said he heard Sneed say he framed Glossip.

No physical evidence tied Glossip to the crime, adding that he was conviction hinged on the testimony of Sneed, then 19, a maintenance worker at the motel, who confessed to carrying out the killing. Justices ultimately rejected his appeal.

Fallin reset Glossip’s execution for November. 6. “They wouldn’t tell me anything”.

Lockett died about 30 minutes later – not from the drugs, but from heart failure. In a 3-2 decision, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday, September 28… The court found the plaintiffs failed to establish that the protocol “entails a substantial risk of severe pain”, though botched executions are hardly rare; previous year alone saw the prolonged and gruesome dispatches of Dennis McGuire, Clayton Lockett and Joseph Wood.

The drugs processes in Oklahoma have already been under examination since a defective execution in April 2014. It rewrote its guidelines and assured federal courts from Oklahoma City to Washington that its procedures were sound.

The revamped protocol requires the death row unit section chief to do the following: “Ensure the chemicals are ordered, arrive as scheduled and are properly stored”. In a widely-discussed dissent in the case, Breyer, joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, questioned the constitutionality of capital punishment.

Protesters lined the streets at the governor’s mansion in a joint effort to save Glossip. Furthermore, he initially told his interrogators that Glossip was not involved in the killing. The delay is for one month, due to questions surrounding the drugs used for execution in the state.

In court documents filed in an effort to save her life, her attorneys cited the “disproportionate nature of her sentence relative to her co-defendant”, who received a life sentence with a chance for parole. Prejean had planned to attend the execution if it occurs.


Oklahoma is set to execute Richard Glossip on Wednesday afternoon, a sentence that was reached based on the testimony of another convicted murderer.

Pope Francis Tries to Stop Richard Glossip's Oklahoma Execution