Grandfathered and Grinder premier on FOX

With a amusing storyline and the veteran TV talents of Lowe, Savage and Devane, be sure and put “THE GRINDER” high on your list of new shows to check out. Im hoping either Nanjiani is around as a regular character, or the show brings in a conveyor belt of comedic actors for each weeks case, because thats a solid way to spread the humor around. But all that changes when Jimmy’s adult son, Gerald (Josh Peck, “The Mindy Project“), and his baby daughter Edie show up. That’s exactly what I tried to do, and it feels authentic because it kind of is.


Fred Savage returns to television as Stewart Sanderson on “The Grinder”. It was all going great.

But okay, maybe you’re not me. We haven’t seen him in ages. First and foremost, we should all look as good at 52 as does John Stamos.

SAVAGE: Honestly, I didn’t. “Not being fearful; taking opportunities; saying yes”. He was replaced by Ben Wexler, who’s just coming off of FX’s The Comedians, another meta-comedy…which received middling reviews and was canceled after just one season. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Both Grandfathered and The Grinder, while completely different from each other, both have an equal amount of heart.

“‘Full House’ was one of the earlier unconventional family shows”.

You know I very gladly and willingly and surprisingly easily turn that off… Making a comedy is one thing. You don’t make it to 25 years without getting to the real stuff, which is this. It’s about these two brothers, and fathers and sons, and husbands and wives. Shows that we love, [but] might be embarrassed to admit we love. They’ll see themselves as Stewart and someone who can’t believe everyone isn’t seeing the smoke and mirrors with this guy.

The show they’re in is amiable enough, but the premise is awfully thin and the pilot doesn’t hint at much of anything beyond that. They’re not so black and white. His character, Stewart, sees his actor sibling “as someone who’s respected and admired and heard and appreciated and beloved”.

Mr. Lowe’s character is an actor who starred on a legal drama (got that?). At the core of their relationship, they really want what the other person has. Dean’s got a point.

He got that way by handling the family law business in small-town Idaho.

The actor, who has been a fixture in TV and film since the 80s, said there’s a secret to his career longevity.

Stewart, exasperated, wonders why Dean couldn’t have just said “in the morning”. “Can’t sleep”, Dean says with dramatic gravitas as he swigs a beer. It’s law, but it’s not made for TV law. Lowe is 51 and actually does a shirtless scene in his show, but I think Stamos might win by a hair. He wants everything to be dramatic, and there’s a few push and pull there. (William Devane) – the lawyer who runs the firm where Stewart works.

SAVAGE: Oh, no, not at all.

I like to think of myself as “not so Hollywood”. I like all of my picks and am not ashamed of any of them. He’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m not gonna go live in the woods and learn how to, you know, use an ax.

Fred Savage and Rob Lowe are pretty unbelievable as brothers. He’s been incredible to work with.

That changed when “Code Black” star Maggie Grace was released and Harden was offered the chance to take over in the vortex of the weekly medical tornado.

Can you talk a little bit about being the straight man and setting up a lot of Rob’s comedy? Jason Alexander is going to be coming. That’s incredibly encouraging and really validating. I was able to direct this new show for Hulu, called Casual, that’s fantastic. How long can you keep stringing the situations in this sitcom out? He was really good as the evil TV executive in Wayne’s World, and really good as the younger version of Robert Wagner in the Austin Powers movies.


The second part is more vital.

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage