Great Ideas For Children’s Birthday Party

Organising a birthday party for your child might seem like an easy task until you realise that children can be a tough audience to please. There will also be multiple birthday parties that children will attend throughout the year so you want your party to offer something new and exciting to the children.


Here are some great ideas for a fun birthday party.

Organise A Treasure Hunt

Something that children enjoy doing is solving problems and having a treasure hunt is a great way to add excitement to the party. You can also incorporate the treasure hunt into the overall theme of the party. For example, if your party is built around a princess theme then you can have a story behind the treasure hunt that sees a dragon stealing the tiara from the princess.

For boys the treasure hunt can be an agent adventure in a proper James Bond style with laser beams.

You don’t need to have a lot of free space to hold a great treasure hunt. Just have puzzles around the garden or inside the house that will require the children to cooperate and communicate. The treasure doesn’t need to be anything special either. It can be just a simple toy or even a lollipop for everyone.

Provide Good And Healthy Food

Children’s party food often tends to be quite unhealthy and full of sugary treats. The unfortunate fact of is that when children eat too many sugary things they tend to get quite hyperactive and when you have a lot of kids hyperactive in a small area you might have a chaos on your hands.

A great idea is to offer the children great healthy party snacks that will keep them full as well as ensure they don’t get an upset stomach. Healthy party snacks include a lot of tasty vegetables and berries.

Have Crafting As Entertainment

A great way to save your own time and to provide the kids with something fun to do is to make them craft their own party gifts and decorations. For instance Martha Stewart’s website has some great ideas for children’s party crafts. One favorite among kids are the noisemakers.

These don’t require a lot of preparation and they will provide the kids with just the thing they love, which is a making a lot of fun while having fun.

Wow Them With Fireworks

One thing that all children love and which will provide them something to discuss for days to come is having a fireworks display at the party. You can get standard fireworks at Fireworks Crazy and you don’t even need to spend a fortune. Fireworks will be an exciting experience for the children and definitely something out of the ordinary. Just make sure that you take care of all the safety precautions before shooting off fireworks.


With these great ideas you can rest assured that your child’s birthday party will be a success. A lot of the above ideas are also quite simple and cheap to execute and thus you don’t have to worry about spending all of your time and money on the party.