Guess The Celebrity Baring Her Booty In A Seriously Cheeky Bikini!

In a blog post published Monday in Kylie Jenner‘s website titled “My Feelings on Plastic Surgery: The Whole Truth”, Kylie admitted that although she has never done any plastic surgery, she never turns down the idea of it.


On the said report, Kylie shared that she loves lashes, lip liner, a light foundation and a bronze.

Kylie took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, rocking a black, strappy thong bikini while hanging poolside at her new house in Calabasas, Calif. She captured the photo coyly with nothing but a smiling face emoji wearing sunglasses…super sly, Ky!

Kylie and 17-year-old actor Jaden, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, split in 2014 after three years of dating and she started dating current boyfriend, Tyga, a few months later.

She also claimed to have hurt her back in the auto collision she believes Jenner caused intentionally.

Right now there has been no word from Jaden Smith or Jenner, and there likely won’t be until the court date has come and gone.

A court denied the teen’s request for a restraining order against Jenner.

The theory that Kylie dyed her hair blue was scratched when less than a week after donning all blue, she showed off all-black-everything corn rolls, a telltale sign that her blue ‘do was in fact a wig.

Yesterday, Clark was due in court and asked to bring the alleged “threatening messages”, but she failed to appear. Now a hearing is set for October 9. It would not be the first time the 18-year-old has feuded with a rumored girlfriend of Smith.


With the said get up, Jenner looked “cute, casual and age appropriate”, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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