Hajj stampede: Iran calls for investigation

“Yes, those who have ill will toward USA exist…. there have been bitter events in the past…. but the meaning of those chants is not animosity toward the people of the United States…the people of Iran are angry about the policies of the U.S. in the Middle East”. But he said there is still no agreement on how to proceed.


The Guardian understands that the French industrial group Bouygues and Aéroports de Paris are in talks with Iran to construct the country’s largest transport project, the second terminal at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini worldwide airport. Iran’s president also emphasized that to be effective at winning the war on terror, the Damascus government can not be compromised.

“Conditions are ripe for that”, the Iranian president said.

Mr Cameron said he hoped to build on the summer signing of an global deal on Iran’s nuclear programme to bolster regional support for a political settlement in Syria.

“This is not a situation with which to play politics”, he said before meeting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. And you do know that archeological and cultural remains in Syria have been destroyed on an nearly daily basis by the terrorists, so all of this worries us. “That is our priority, job creation is our priority, and to decrease unemployment”, he says.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication said on Thursday that there are no plans of such a meeting. Intelligence officers are said to have disrupted Iranian weapons flows to terrorists, accelerated cyber warfare to disable Iranian centrifuges, and increased surveillance-leading to the discovery of a covert underground Iranian nuclear facility. Citing the beheadings of women and children and other atrocities by ISIS, Rouhani asked, “With such a savage, inhuman, subhuman group, how should we fight them?” He has butchered his own people. The other day, Rouhani addressed leaders of Iran’s powerful military force, the Revolutionary Guard. So, all of these are things that preoccupy and worry some folks back in Iran, as well.

At times, the rhetoric in the Jewish community was heated, with accusations of being anti-Israel directed at those who backed the deal, and insinuations of dual loyalty directed at its opponents. “But my position was that we did not accept any limitations that would impact, negatively impact, the defensive capabilities of our nation”.


Iran expects about $29 billion of funds to be unfrozen and repatriated to its central bank by January 2016 at the latest as economic sanctions are eased after July’s nuclear deal, according to Gholamali Kamyab, vice governor for foreign exchange affairs at the bank. Many Americans would applaud those efforts. Rouhani also expressed a willingness to strengthen bilateral relations.

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