Halo Wars 2 announced at Gamescom 2015

We’re not sure if we’re excited or terrified by this prospect, but yes, an attachable keyboard is coming to Xbox.


Today Seagate is announcing a new product aimed squarely at the console market, and specifically at the Xbox brand.

Users will record shows via the console’s OneGuide. Recordings will also start automatically if their console is set to the instant-on mode.

The Windows 10 experience will be coming to the Xbox One, and may be having a Preview release at around September of this year.

In addition to that Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Halo – themed Xbox one loaded with many games as well as 1 TB of storage. There is also another Euro 399 bundled game that is packed with a 1TB XBox One console and a 12-month EA Access subscription. Microsoft will be hoping it proves very popular with existing owners, but just as importantly, prompts many millions of gamers still clinging to their Xbox 360s for entertainment to make the jump to new hardware.

A fresh coat of paint. The interface isn’t new, but the company confirmed the upgrade will take place in November.

Via a free software upgrade, Xbox One users will be able to record and play back live, over-the-air TV, as well as schedule recordings via Windows 10, iOS and Android mobile devices.

A new way to chat. That means it should replace the $25 Headset Adapter that was required with the original Xbox One controllers.

This one snaps to the base of the Xbox One controller and permits you to type serenely while talking with your companions.

Halo 5: Guardians will launch on October. 27 for Xbox One. Obviously, gameplay will revolve around Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer and there will be all kinds of under card tournaments going into the main event.


Halo Wars 2, a sequel to 2009’s Halo Wars, is being developed by Sega company Creative Assembly, the studio best known for its Total War strategy series.

Halo Wars 2 announced at Gamescom 2015