Halo Wars 2 Announcement Trailer Released

Xbox One users will benefit from a completely new UI from November when Windows 10 with Cortana and modern apps come to the console. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer teased that the game will be pushing through with their release date for Xbox One! And surely, they are all intended to make Xbox One part of the Windows 10 roll out.


And soon you’ll be able to record live TV directly through your Xbox One, subverting the cable companies and their DVR boxes. PS4 has once again been outselling Xbox One in the US, and remains a distant leader on the world stage, but perhaps Microsoft’s recent announcement might give Redmond a much needed boost.

Xbox 360 games will be compatible with Xbox One.

Crackdown 3, the latest installment of an Xbox-exclusive game, will now be set in a new city creating a brand new story arc and new destructible environment to wreak havoc on. A teaser trailer was unveiled during the press conference, with the promise of the game coming in fall 2016 to the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft also announced at the gamescom DVR for Over-the-Air TV is coming to Xbox One as a subscription-free service in 2016.

Halo 5: Guardians is looking to amp up its multiplayer component with a big focus on eSports-friendly modes. You can record until your heart’s content, or rather, until you’ve run out space on your hard drive. A bonus to this is that cross platform play will be a feature for such games, letting you play with your friends on both the Xbox and PC, regardless of what platform they have. It also puts audio controls at your fingertips and features a stereo jack for your gaming headset.

Microsoft have shown off some fresh new gameplay from Quantum Break at Gamescom. The Xbox Chatpad is a keyboard attachment for the gamepad, as pictured above.


Meanwhile, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, also announced at E3, is available for pre-order today for $149.99 and arrives in October.

Quantum Break