Halo Wars 2 coming Fall 2016

Other stats connected to its popularity include Xbox One preview members logging more than 83 years playing Xbox 360 backward-compatible titles on Xbox One. Having enjoyed the good amalgamation of storyline and gameplay in previous Remedy Entertainment works, I am genuinely looking forward to diving into this title upon release.


At Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom 2015, 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross took to the stage to announce Halo Wars 2, the franchise’s second foray into the real-time strategy genre. The Chatpad plugs into the bottom of the Xbox One controller, and allows users to more quickly type messages to friends, search for things in the marketplace, and more. This marks the return of the RTS game that we thought was a one-shot deal with the original Halo Wars back in 2009.

Xbox One will get Windows 10 power in November. The company also officially announced the long-rumored Xbox One DVR is real and will be released in 2016.

Xbox is launching Rare Replay this month, kicking off its 2015 games line-up, which the company says is the greatest in its history. However, it’s significantly faster for navigating text entry on both the Xbox One and a Windows 10 device that’s not connected to a keyboard.

Windows 10 on Xbox: Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant software, is coming to the Xbox. “Harness 20 times the power of your Xbox One to unleash 100 percent destructible environments for the first time ever in gaming and create your own explosive stories in the process”.


Halo 5: Guardians was already built with eSports in mind, with features like spectator mode so fans can watch elite players. In 2016, Microsoft will release another update that will bring digital video recording (DVR) features to the Xbox One. The biggest new trend as the show went on, however, was the number of exclusive cross-platform games between Xbox and Windows 10.

Crackdown 3 launching in 2016, with multiplayer beta scheduled for next summer