Hardcore Pirates Are Reportedly Banning Windows 10

That’s a niche filled by a plethora of hardcore pirate communities built around private torrent trackers. Apparently, it’s specifically directed to Xbox Live and games from Windows Store, and not files downloaded from the outside, but it’s rather clear that the ambiguousness is not the favor of online pirates. This allowed users to have at least some idea what was going on with their PCs. Attempting to load the site on Windows 10 results in a redirect to this EULA explainer video that allegedly details the dangers of using Windows 10. By default, the operating system has a range of privacy-impinging settings turned on – and even when they are turned off, computers continue to send information to Microsoft’s servers. Therefore, this package contains all previously-released fixes (see KB 3074683).


Users are reportedly having this very problem during recent cumulative updates, InfoWorld learned.

The staffers at iTS explain that Windows 10 is off-limits now because of the extensive amount of data it shares. “That would mean you can not use the site with the OS installed”, FSC staff writes. “If you don’t, it doesn’t”. By unifying MS-DOS and Windows products, which were previously two separate entities, Windows 95 introduced a vast array of improvements over its previous iterations, Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1.

Exactly twenty years ago Monday, Microsoft launched a new version of its desktop operating system that would end up in the hands of millions as PCs dominated Macs and other, lesser brands in the late ’90s. The New American covered the specifics of these agreements in a previous article.

Microsoft’s Windows 95 has turned 20.

The updates in question are KB3075249 and KB3080149. The browser brings a number of features that Internet Explorer did not have, such as integration with Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time Microsoft works with anti-piracy companies, and there is little evidence that the company may disclose pirated content to third parties. The Windows 10 for mobile is expected to roll out late this year.


iTS is also concerned with Microsoft’s partnership with MarkMonitor, an entity it describes as an anti-piracy company. Allowing users to double click on files and applications, Microsoft gave users the power to manage most everything on their hard drives.

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