Harper promises $4.3B for dairy farmers

Likes are not votes, progressives!


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“It is a matter of the end justifying the means for him”, Wiseman said.

Forget the polls. And ignore the noise on “strategic voting” – which rarely has any impact on election results.

The Liberals and the New Democrats haven’t quite caught the voters’ imagination either – but if not exactly liked, neither party is heartily disliked. If Conservative Party candidate Stephen Harper is elected, he will surely do everything that he can to thwart reform efforts.

“When you’re a professor, everybody wants to know what you think will happen in the election“, said Zachary Spicer, an associate professor in the department of political science at Brock University.

“Who can take the 905 is going to decide who wins this election”, he said.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Tom Mulcair turned in a competent performance but one that didn’t differ greatly from any he delivered in the previous four debates, which is to say a performance that was far from anything that would have jarred supporters thinking about jumping off the Orange bandwagon into changing their minds about doing so. It’s obvious, though, that that day will in all likelihood come sooner under certain electoral scenarios rather than others.

Pollsters try to address the problem by employing a top-secret formula that weighs a few responses more heavily than others – but there’s only so much that can be fixed with math when 90% of cellphone users aren’t picking up.

But the main message is that the NDP has the best chance to defeat Harper, Lavigne said.

Adding to that are the differences in polling methods, and it’s not surprising that two competing polls would show either the Liberals or the Conservatives in the lead. That’s the “GOTV surprise”.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair derided Harper for backing the 12-nation agreement in the midst of a campaign when the government is supposed to be in a neutral caretaker status.

This is a watershed election and students have an important role to play in deciding their own future. The Conservatives have 42 per cent, while the NDP is well behind with 11 per cent support.The 416, the city of Toronto, is also leaning towards the Liberals who enjoy 39 per cent support. And the Liberals have 107 MPs (with a range from 72 to 125 possible).

Regionally, the NDP has fallen well behind in Ontario, projected to pick up only 18 seats in the country’s most vote-rich region.

The Liberals sit in second with 29 per cent, followed by the NDP with 24 per cent.

“I was expecting them to do a lot more advertising on specialty channels because it brings more viewing points per dollars spent and allows you to target your voters very specifically”.

The Conservative Party believes that it is the only party that has a concrete plan to assist students in meaningful, positive ways.

Shortly after the agreement was announced, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper welcomed the news.

That’s not an anti-Green comment, it’s a straightforward political analysis of the challenge facing any fourth or fifth party anywhere in the world. “The Liberals need 100″, the post reads.

Fair enough argument, although every electoral system depends heavily on GOTV efforts to maximize seats won.

The Conservative Party’s priorities will be to encourage economic growth by keeping taxes low.

Half (51%) of voters would support (17% strongly/34% somewhat) the Liberals governing with support from the NDP.


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