Harry Hamm: Hollywood says “Thank you, Matt Damon”

Matt Damon’s latest film, Jason Bourne, features the return of his iconic super-assassin.


Ouch! James Corden paid the price for calling Matt Damon his “identical brother from another mother”.

Even without the success of last year’s The Martian, the $60 million debut for Jason Bourne illustrates that you can’t make a successful Bourne film without Damon.

“Jason Bourne” dominated the box office this past weekend, brining in about $61 million in theaters across the US and Canada.

It will be interesting to see if the studio greenlight another Bourne film. The opening of “Jason Bourne” is the second highest in the action film series, behind top grosser “The Bourne Ultimatum”, which debuted to $69.2 million domestically in 2007 on its way to a $442.8 million worldwide.

All these movies were far behind some of the season’s biggest hits, with the animated sequel “Finding Dory” having grossed more than $136 million in its opening weekend and the Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War” having taken in more than $181 million in its own first weekend.

Bourne – whose director Paul Greengrass had for years insisted he was done with the series – seized the box-office lead from “Star Trek Beyond”, which took in $24.8 million for a two-week total of $106.5 million. This wasn’t enough to get above a third-place finish. Very close behind in third spot with $23.4 million was the new comedy “Bad Moms”. While it’s a bit of a steep drop from week one, Star Trek Beyond has positive word-of-mouth on its side, which should be able to keep it clinging to the Top 5 for at least a little while longer.

The raunchy comedy “Bad Moms”, on the other hand, managed to reap $23.4 million through ticket sales, a little higher than $20 million that went into making the movie. In addition, it has the positive of a star-studded, talented, female-fronted cast that includes Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate.


“I love all of his movies – Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Born on the Fourth of July – they’re all classics”, Corden told the audience in the clip. Sound off in the comments!

Image Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander in'Jason Bourne