Harry Styles keeps watchful eye over sister and her date during concert

Was it a broken heart, a forgotten appliance left on, musings on the history of mankind that had Styles unable to focus? NO! ‘My sister is on a date.


We’re not sure how embarrassed Gemma and her date were after getting called out on stage by her little bro, but it’s hard to blame the guy for being protective of his sibling.

Oh and nice shirt, Harry.

While performing at the Apple Music Festival in London Tuesday evening, the One Direction member was trying to sing the group’s biggest hits as usual.

“My sister’s on a date”.

Finally, a Harry Styles concert video that does not feature the attractive singer taking a fall. As if dating by itself isn’t enough pressure, now the biggest band in the world is calling you out! They’re up there somewhere… behave yourself, it’s disgusting’. A cheeky Harry stared down at them with a faux serious face and said, “Right”.

The release follows on from the massive success of first single Drag Me Down which went to Number One on 90 iTunes charts and broke streaming records globally.

What did you think of Harry’s moment?


Aside from picking on his sister, Styles also joked about the men in the audience seemingly not enjoying their set. not “There are a couple of dads up here who don’t look very impressed”.

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