HBO Producer Questioned By Police After New York Doctor’s Apparent Cocaine

The New York Police Department said its investigators found no evidence of a robbery or assault and believe she died of a drug overdose.


Both men later fled. She was reportedly partying at a bar on the Lower East Side and may have been doing cocaine.

Marc Henry Johnson, a producer of HBO’s The Deuce, has been questioned by investigators in connection with the mysterious death of a married dermatologist and mother of three in New York Sunday.

Cerveny told her husband that she was having a quiet night out with friends.

One of the men she was out with had called 911, disappeared and called 911 again to check on Cerveny’s status, police said.

Police said surveillance video showed Johnson and another man carrying Cerveny’s body down the stairs to the building’s lobby hours later.

An anonymous source told the New York Post that she may have struggled with addiction problems. After the bars closed, Cerveny and Johnson went to Chelsea to visit James Holder, an alleged drug dealer, who lives in the building Cerveny was found dead in.

Tuesday, police were still sticking to their assessment that Cerveny, a well-liked dermatologist who lived on Castle Ridge Road, died as a result of cocaine use and not through criminality of another person.

Well-known producer Marc Johnson, upset by the death of party pal Kiersten Cerveny, stepped away from “The Deuce” Tuesday – just as the HBO porn project was to begin shooting, Deadline reported. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Sources say Cerveny was not wearing underwear.

“Based on the preliminary finds, we are not treating this as a homicide case”, the source elaborated. When she was 18, she won the 1995 America’s Junior Miss title. She was educated at Tulane and got her medical degree at Duke.


The couple had three small children whose beaming faces were captured in a portrait she used as the cover photo of her Facebook page, along with a profile photo from June of her husband kissing her on the cheek. Let us know your take in the comments section below.

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