Heath Ledger’s Daughter Is All Grown Up!

It was a rare appearance for Matilda Ledger with her celebrity mom, Michele Williams this weekend in New York City.


Before you scour the Internet for clips of little Matilda singing or dancing on stage, we’re merely talking about the 9-year-old attending the Broadway production of Finding Neverland, which now stars a very scruffy Matthew Morrison.

Indeed, the striking resemblance has been noticed by her loved ones including her grandfather Kim Ledger, who has since become an avid anti-prescription drugs campaigner.

Heath Ledger’s daughter now looks the spitting image of her old man.

“She’s got an enormous number of his mannerisms”. The illustration showed in that Matilda has a few hanging similarities to her dad Heath & has inherited his dashing attractiveness.

Ledger’s sister Kate recently told Australia’s Herald Sun, “Michelle really does keep things “real” for [Matilda]”. She’s always full of questions, always wanting to know this or that about her dad.


Matilda, who wore a cowboy hat and bandana while out with Michelle, will turn 10 years old later this month.

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