Heating costs are expected to plummet this winter

Propane users, who faced record price surges amid propane shortages felt two winters ago, should see their second straight year of savings, the EIA said.


Home heating oil is about $1.20 lower per gallon right now in New York state compared to past year, and home heating oil bills should between 25 percent to 39 percent lower this winter compared to last, according to state and federal energy data.

Here’s one thing to be thankful for come November: Average US heating costs are projected to be the lowest in at least four winters because of warmer-than-usual weather and lower fuel prices.

Households that heat with natural gas, as most Midwesterners do, could save around $65 on average over the winter, the Energy Information Administration predicted Tuesday in its annual winter fuels outlook.

It was not clear, AMNA said, whether households that are eligible for heating oil subsidies will be getting the same refund they did a year ago, which came to 0.35 euros per liter, as Greece’s creditors have demanded that the government slash this expense by 50 percent. Last year, winter home heating costs dropped about 10 percent.

Heating will be cheaper this winter. Most of the homes in the west, northeast midwest are heated by natural gas, while most of the homes heated by electricity are in the south.

People using natural gas and electricity for heat also will see a savings this winter.

Meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are forecasting winter temperatures 13 percent warmer in the Northeast, 11 percent warmer in the Midwest and 8 percent warmer in the South.


Weather is the big variable that determines heating costs, but the other driver is natural gas prices, which remain stable and low.

David Mayer