Here Is Mariah Carey Slaying a Dragon

It’s as epic as the battle itself.


Game of War: Fire Age” mobile strategy game has launched a new ad that shows a dragon being shot out of the sky by a flaming arrow from Mariah Carey.

And if you’re wondering how a gaming app could possibly afford an iconic like Mariah Carey, just know that, according to GameSpot, Game of War was generating an estimated $1 million in daily revenue as of April 2015. Hutson Kovanda, the SVP Creative at marketing agency Upshot told Digiday that Carey’s appeal is likely an attempt to broaden its user base. Was it a good move for Machine Zone or should they have stuck with Kate Upton, or gotten someone else? Kate Upton also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2013 and 2014. However unlike Kate Upton who is nearly in the entire length of each commercial, Mariah Carey only makes a brief appearance in their new video.


The acquisition of Carey as an advertising asset for Game of War is indisputably a level-up for Game of War’s ad team, though how the numbers will ultimately play out remains to be seen.

Mariah Carey murders a dragon in her first 'Game of War' spot