Here’s What You Can and Cannot Get for McDonalds’ All-Day Breakfast

This means you can now have hash browns, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and all the Egg McMuffins your heart desires at any time of the day.


Now that McDonald’s has served breakfast all day long on its first day on Tuesday, what are customers saying?

McDonald’s customers we talked to in Metairie had mixed reaction.

White Castle, a small regional burger chain, has already rolled out its own all-day breakfast offerings.

On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after 2, Doris Braun of Wallingford enjoyed an Egg McMuffin with a few of her friends. According to the company, McDonald’s received more than 120,000 tweets requesting all-day breakfast over the course of one year. McGriddle fans, however, will still have to watch the clock.

America is on the verge of McDonald’s breakfast all day.

The brand also updated its cover photos on both Twitter and Facebook to correspond with the breakfast news.

“Stressing over this exam and finding out hash browns aren’t included in McDonalds’ all day breakfast?”

Ever since McDonald’s started testing all-day breakfast in other markets and publicly discussing their intention to make it nationwide, inquiries have hit fever pitch. Most of the country will be able to purchase the Egg McMuffin while portions of the southeast will serve the biscuit menu item.

But Goldin said even McDonald’s, the king of fast food breakfast, could have trouble serving it all day.

The Biscuit Menu or McMuffin menu is available depending on where people live, with Biscuits being on offer in the south western areas of West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Kentucky through most of Arkansas and Louisiana. Mrak said the company has seen growth in its breakfast market and it wants to capitalize on that with its all-day breakfast menu. Menu items vary. Deliciousness doesn’t.


Local franchise owners say customers have demanded it for years.