Here’s why Aaron Rodgers throws more interceptions in training camp

“Yeah, he needs reps just like everybody else, but I’m not of high concern because he’s been able to learn the position from start to finish”, McCarthy said.


“You have to show it in practice in order for me to feel comfortable making those throws in the game”, Rodgers said, via

“(You) get to practice them throughout the whole off-season, go through an install of the whole defense through the off-season and now this is really the review for the veteran players”.

The Packers play their first pre-season game of 2015 at New England on August 13.

Rodgers also was intercepted half a dozen times or more during training camp. While it might be a bit misleading to say that Rodgers is intentionally throwing interceptions, Rodgers is actually trying to throw the ball into areas where defenders have a chance to beat the receivers to the football. The throw down the middle came with rookie cornerback LaDarius Gunter running alongside Janis, and the ball hung up just enough for Gunter to catch up to him.

Aaron Rodgers threw for 38 touchdowns and only five interceptions during the 2014 NFL season.

On Friday McCarthy preached the importance of taking care of the football in a packed stadium after two weeks of relative quiet at Ray Nitschke Field. For comparison, his predecessor, Brett Favre, threw the fewest interceptions of his 16-year Packers career during his 1995 and 1996 NFL MVP seasons – and threw 13 each of those years.

Fans are reminded that all individuals, regardless of age, require a ticket for admittance.

“I would think at least three or four of [the interceptions] were competitive balls”, McCarthy said. “We’ve got to do a better job of catching the over-the-top balls, whether they’re out in front of us a little or slightly behind us”.

“I think the good news of that is you’re paying attention”, coach Mike McCarthy quipped. Second-year tight end Richard Rodgers is looking to separate from Andrew Quarless at tight end, but behind those two carryovers, the Green Bay Packers are still searching for answers.


“I think the biggest and most important thing that Clay needed was really just to start from the beginning at the position”, coach Mike McCarthy said. You make some of these throws and see how the guys respond, and if they’re making the plays, then they’re going to get more opportunities in the preseason and probably be around for the regular season.

Here's why Aaron Rodgers throws more interceptions in training camp