Here’s why North Korea’s decrepit submarine force still freaks out the South

“We’ve said before the disappearance [of North Korean submarines] is a source of concern, and the fact is they are not easy to detect when they are submerged under water”, Kim said. An official from the Unification Ministry said in Seoul a message had been sent on Saturday in which North Korea’s Red Cross accepted the South’s proposal to meet on September 7 at the Panmunjom truce village that sits on their heavily armed border. Seoul needs to review its North Korea strategy thoroughly so that Kim Jong-un can not stall for time or money with nuclear missiles on hand.


Klug reported from Seoul, South Korea.

“We protected the dignity and sovereignty of the country, the gains of the revolution and the happiness of the people by our own efforts amid the tempest of the history without anybody’s support and sympathy”, Kim told officials at a meeting to review the “revolutionary measure” the regime had taken over the past week.

In their 60-year standoff, North and South Korea have often catapulted information across the border.

However, a little more than 68 thousand remain living today.

The South Korean government spokesman said Ms. Park and Mr. Xi would discuss “the situation on the Korean peninsula”, without elaborating.

A peace agreement was reached between the North and South Korea three days before Yang made the announcement.

Robert Kelly, an associate professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan National University in South Korea, reportedly stated that the talks were used as an opportunity for North Korea to save face, according to USA Today. “But if you can cut the China link, North Korea has nowhere left to go”.

The accord included an agreement to hold the reunions of families split during the 1950-53 Korean War. “The joint statement that was announced after the emergency high-level talks between North and South Korea was an important turning point that resolved a critical state of military tensions and brought inter-Korean relations out of a dilemma and set them on the path toward trust and reconciliation”.

This is why some experts predict that the North will be rather passive in mending fences in the near future, as more exchanges between the two Koreas is a highly sensitive issue for North Korea, which puts the stability of the regime ahead of anything else.


“The Secretary reaffirmed our continuing close coordination with the ROK on North Korea, expressed appreciation for the ROK’s contributions to addressing global challenges, and welcomed future opportunities to deepen the U.S.-ROK global partnership”, the official said.

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