High-profile Trial of Ukrainian Officer Begins in Russia

Canadian troops will deliver tactical training, as well as assisting with marksmanship, combat medicine and dealing with improvised explosive devices. EU-mediated talks between the two sides have been complicated by conflict in eastern Ukraine and Naftogaz’s financial problems. From the sheer number, Ukraine feels like a nation under siege.


International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on Tuesday pressed Ukraine’s hold-out creditors such as Russian Federation and a handful of Western investment houses to write off some of the crisis-wrecked country’s massive debt.

“…With these elections, we conclude the construction phase of the state itself”.

The list sparked much criticism from leaders of the European Union according to Reuters.

Charges of attempted murder in relation to six Ukrainian citizens were also added to the case.

Motivated by “hatred and hostility towards the civilian population of Luhansk region”, they said she called in an artillery strike on a rebel checkpoint where civilians and journalists were present. “It will be a great assistance to our military”.

“It is very likely that Kiev will refuse to repay the debt, this is what we hear from Ukrainian politicians daily”, said chief economist with ING Bank for Russian Federation and the CIS Dmitry Polevoi.

Ukraine’s 30th Mechanized Division has been at the forefront of the combat with the separatists in the east since the outbreak of the civil war.

The Canadian bourgeoisie considers its decades-long alliance with Washington as essential to securing its growing geopolitical and economic interests around the world.

Russian Federation only has a naval facility located in the port of the city of Tartus, which is in Syria, where Russian Federation has been boosting its military presence recently.

On top of the existing formats, an invisible yet powerful thread was tied over the course of summer between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her Russian counterpart Grigory Karasin: this backchannel has been calling the shots in most decisions concerning Ukraine by putting more pressure on Kyiv to make concessions at the benefice of Moscow.

“Its hypocrisy is represented by the seizing of Crimea and intervention in eastern Ukraine”. Moscow keeps escalation dominance over Ukraine, keeping the front in a state of constant yet calibrated military tension and continuous violence.

The revelations will raise fears that the megalomaniac leader is planning to step up his meddling in Ukraine by providing even more troops and armed support to the rebels fighting Kiev.

Savchenko told the court in the southern Russian town of Donetsk, “The whole case is a lie from the beginning to the end”, Deutsche Welle reports. While Mulcair poses as an opponent of the current Mideast war, his differences with the government are purely tactical. There are also many Serbian fighters.

The Liberals’ support for Canada’s intervention in Ukraine has been no less forthright.

A new gas deal to supply Russian gas to Ukraine is likely to be signed this Friday, Ukrainian energy minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn was quoted as saying on Tuesday.


Tex is not the only foreigner putting his life on the line for the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

'Reflexive control': Putin's hybrid warfare in Ukraine is straight out of the