Hillary Clinton: I oppose Keystone XL pipeline

“She was saying, “What I said about Obama“-and yet in 2008 she was the original birther”.


Harf noted the department’s October letter preceded the committee’s request in November. Curious voters would have to wait until she was elected president, she said.

Clinton’s campaign cited a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study showing the average deductible for an individual has grown seven times faster than a worker’s average wages since 2010. Trump later insisted he meant “persona” and was not talking about her appearance. “With deductibles rising so much faster than incomes, we must act to reduce the out-of-pocket costs families face”. Federal investigators are looking into Clinton’s home-based server amid concerns that classified information may have passed through the system. On the other side of the aisle, the American Petroleum Institute characterised Mrs Clinton’s position as running against the grain of public opinion.

While Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has called the pipeline a “no-brainer”, the project has stalled before USA lawmakers for years.

When Clinton was asked by a reporter from the Des Moines Register about the difference between her version of the handover and the Post’s report, she…didn’t have anything to say. “I don’t know that”.

“I oppose it”, Clinton told a town-hall-style meeting in Iowa.

We leave it to readers to decide the importance of this discrepancy.

“If the Democratic Party cares to salvage a sliver of moral authority, its leaders and early state voters need to send Hillary Rodham Clinton an urgent message: Come clean or get out”, he writes. Clinton also talked about her mother and her struggles with the challenges of 24-7 campaigning, perhaps part of an effort to humanize Hillary. The longtime Democratic front-runner has been embroiled in controversy over use of a personal email server while serving as secretary of state. Several said they feared what the emails might show about the intersection of Clinton’s work at the State Department and the family’s private foundation.

“She has lied about Benghazi and been lying about it since the day it happened”. She also acknowledged that she should have used different accounts to separate her work and personal business.

Now, she’s made a 180-degree turn.

Clinton campaign Q&A, undated: Why didn’t Clinton provide her emails to the State Department until December 2014?


“The State Department is being crushed with obligations”, Shapiro said, adding that its employees are working nights and weekends to process the records requests. But last January, a State Department spokesperson said the department was not ready to release the results of its review of the pipeline and declined to give a timeline of when a decision would be finalized (see Shale Daily, Jan. 13).

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she is opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline