Hillary Clinton jabs at Trump during first late-night show appearance

“I haven’t seen you since my last wedding”, Fallon said to Clinton.


In a segment recorded shortly before the first of the evening’s marathon GOP debates began on Wednesday night, Fallon – in a Trump wig and costume – asked Clinton: “Mr Trump insults and dismisses women”.

Clinton told the Trump doppelgänger that she was grabbing a pen but rather picked up a glass of wine, a move which received applause from the audience. “Where are you on womens’ issues?” he said.

It was a light-hearted interview, with Clinton relating to Fallon as a parent and urging him to read to his children. “I am curious, Donald, what is your stance on women’s issues?” He replied that he knew a lot of women and they all had issues.

“Most people have gotten bored after reading like 10 or 12 because they’re boring”, she told Fallon. In the last two weeks Clinton has sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and Extra’s Mario Lopez. It would be… it’s a little hard to explain but sometimes different government agencies argue about what should or shouldn’t be what’s called “classified, ‘ and then they say, ‘Hey, it wasn’t at that time, maybe it should have been, ‘ somebody else says ‘No, I disagree”… “In fact, this phone isn’t even plugged in”, Fallon’s Trump said. Watch: Puppies, stupid. Rainbows, total losers.

Justin came on the show to perform and promote his new single, “What Do You Mean?” but he was also supposed to do a fun sketch with Jimmy, which almost all guests who appear on the show are asked to do.

Clinton appearance on Fallon is part of an attempt to soften her image as her standing in national polls continues to fall amid ongoing questions about her use of a private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Jimmy Fallon is known as one of the nicest guys in late night, but he briefly lost his cool thanks to Justin Bieber. Fallon’s show also becomes a favorite among politicians for their early campaign stops without afraid of being put in a hot seat. (Though, as NPR’s Tamara Keith reported, she was actually talking to hand-picked supporters.) And her campaign recently announced it’s spending $2 million in ads to air “getting-to-know-you” ads in Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton asked Fallon in the show’s opening skit.


“Well, at least he doesn’t have just one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft serve at Dairy Queen“, she joked back.

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