Hillary Clinton just raised a record amount of campaign cash

In September 2009, months into the administration, State Department aides were still not sure whether then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel should be in the loop.


But it’s unclear whether the officials realized Clinton, now the leading Democratic presidential candidate, was running her email from a server located in her home in Chappaqua, New York — a potential security risk and violation of administration policy.

While Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday touted its success with such small-dollar donors, the leading Democrat in the 2016 race also pulled in a large chunk of campaign cash from donors who are giving her the maximum allowed by law. “The newly released e-mails, a small portion of 55,000 pages, with more e-mails released every 30 days, ordered by a judge until three days before the Iowa caucus, guaranteeing a slow drip of revelations dogging her primary campaign”.

A stash of thousands of emails has been turned over to a congressional panel investigating the 2012 attack on a U.S. mission in Libya by longtime Clinton confidante and friend Sidney Blumenthal.

The emails ranged from the mundane details of high-level public service — scheduling secure lines for calls, commenting on memos and dealing with travel logistics — to an email exchange with ex- President Jimmy Carter and a phone call with ex- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The phenomenal figure, made the elated Clinton tweet an image of a handwritten thank you note to her supporters asserting that when the road ahead is tough, one needs the best people by the side and that’s why she is thankful to her supporters. “I don’t like to talk about who comes in here and who doesn’t”. For example, the mails show that some meetings were canceled without informing her.

The emails also reflect the vast scope of Clinton’s network, after several decades in Washington. Whether this batch does real damage to Hillary Clinton-as opposed to simply (and rightly) embarrassing the hell out of her-remains to be seen.

Final figures will be released once her campaign files its fundraising report in July.

Clinton’s correspondence from her first year as the nation’s top diplomat left little doubt that the Obama administration was aware that Clinton was using a personal address. Amanda Anderson, Emanuel’s assistant, wrote.

“I want to keep myself in a very conservative position and I don’t give information about clients”, she told CNN. After she fell and injured her elbow, ex- Secretary of State Colin Powell sent her a message: “Hillary, Is it true that Holbrooke tripped you?” “Overlook the source”, she wrote, knowing that Penn was not popular among other Clinton advisers, “but idea that I should do a topper on timely events and make case is probably right”.

“I know her heart, but it is awful framing”, Hilary Rosen, an advocate for LGBT rights and Clinton ally toldThe Huffington Post at the time.


All of the emails released Tuesday were written in 2009, the year Clinton began serving as secretary of State. The first couple of emails between them have to do with sending Clinton some get well wishes after she was injured and something to do with Ernie Banks.

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