Hillary Clinton maintains 18-point lead over Bernie Sanders

Another poor performance in the third quarter for O’Malley could be detrimental to his campaign’s viability, said Michael Hanmer, research director at the University of Maryland’s Center for American Politics and Citizenship. More than 200 Democratic governors, senators, and US House members – a 56 percent majority – have endorsed her for president, according to data from FiveThirtyEight.


The Sanders campaign at that time said that the average contribution was $33.51 and that 99 percent of the donations were under $250. “I’m not a masochist”, Trump said in the interview.

In an era of big money, small donations can still pack a punch.

The Syrian civil war, which grew out of an uprising against Assad, has killed more than 250,000 people since March 2011 and sent millions of refugees fleeing to other countries in the Middle East and to Europe.

Anyone on a campaign mailing list understands how desperate the candidates are to pad their stats before the end of a fundraising quarter.

This is a stark difference from the previous quarter in which Clinton swamped Sanders by a margin of .5 million to $15.2 million.

With a presidential debate and a contentious appearance in Congress coming, Hillary Rodham Clinton faces an October full of opportunity and risk for her presidential campaign.

In fact, the matching funds would provide so much extra money to Sanders, Cruz and Carson that they would be competitive in the money race even when Super PACs are taken into account.

In addition to the FEC data, Chambers Hennesy says $2,463 has been raised for local efforts to help Sanders and an additional $1,960 has been raised locally to be given to the national campaign for their use.

The most pivotal development could come from Vice President Joe Biden. Indeed, the Washington Post reported, Clinton has held 58 fundraising events to achieve her total this quarter, while Sanders held only seven. “But he has now demonstrated that he has the resources and the supporters, whom he has only begun to tap financially, to compete for the Democratic presidential nomination“, says today’s report from The Times’ Patrick Healy.

He’s also saving his cash for important things, not “lavish events”.


Later in the day, Clinton will travel to Boston, where she will be joined by Mayor Martin Walsh and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to discuss the opioid abuse crisis. Clinton has avoided directly criticizing Sanders’ policy positions or his role in the primaries but her campaign has indicated voters may soon see a contrast between the two candidates.

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd in Boston on Saturday