Hillary Clinton: Mass shootings “beyond my comprehension”

“Hillary is basically hemorrhaging campaign support from her wealthy donors and I would expect to see that continue, especially if and when [US Vice President] Joe Biden enters the race, then more and more people will stop contributing to Ms. Clinton”, Madsen said during a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.



“If I came earlier I would be gone already”, said Skyers. “She is the most qualified person to be president of the United States and she knows the issues”.

In contrast to Sanders, Clinton spent much of the summer, in the wake of mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, and elsewhere, advocating new measures to quell gun violence and actively speaking of curbing the power of the NRA, which repeatedly has worked to defeat new gun-control initiatives in Congress.

Skyers also said she thought many others might not feel as strongly as she does.

Another important aspect of Clinton’s day in the region is money.

“The Republicans should take a hard look at what they are about when you have a guy in line to be the Speaker saying something like that, ‘ Clinton said”.

On Thursday, the campaign launched “Latinos for Hillary“, a series of events that will kick off during Hispanic Heritage Month. The message is that “she will defend and stand with Latinos- because when Latino families are strong, America is strong”, a campaign aide said.

Clinton touted the assault weapons ban, since expired, that was enacted during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton. She’ll also be talking at next week’s Congressional Hispanic Conference Institute’s annual awards gala.

Latinos among the almost 2,000 people in attendance tuned into the immigration comments, particularly because they were made on the home turf of another presidential candidate – Florida Sen.

Obama used his remarks to call on Republicans to work with Democrats on a new spending plan.

Ingoglia wants two of the Democratic Party’s leading Florida candidates to suffer by association since they are supporters of Clinton and polling shows voters have concerns over her email practices and question her trustworthiness.


Sanders’ campaign said critics are not appreciating the candidate’s full record on gun control.

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to decide soon whether or not he will join the Democratic race for president