Hillary Clinton still leads her potential GOP rivals

Hillary Clinton lackey David Brock refused to apologize to Bernie Sanders on Tuesday for an email his super PAC sent out comparing the Vermont senator to radical British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. “And they want a candidate who is prepared to stand up to the big money interests, Wall Street, corporate America, that exert so much power over our legislative life in Washington“, Sanders said on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. & if not, she cautioned, he better have “comfortable shoes ’cause there’s a lot of walking involved”. Appearing on a college campus gave Clinton a chance to pitch to younger voters, who have been very supportive of her main rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will make a return appearance at the Johnson County Democrats’ fall barbecue in October. In the Democratic primaries and caucuses, you have to try to earn every single person’s support. Her campaign said that in one example, she would work to establish sexual-violence prevention education programs earlier, in secondary school “where norms begin to set in”.


Chelsea Clinton was asked about those polls on NBC’s “Today” show.

This analogy isn’t a ideal one, since nobody doesn’t think Clinton actually has a shot at winning. Polls go up and down; people’s attention and decision-making changes over time.

I’m hard-pressed to imagine how Clinton and her team could have done a worse job of handling the controversy over her State Department emails. “Sanders has certainly cut into Clinton’s core constituencies, but his ultimate success may ride on how many new voters he can get to the polls”, said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. – who has endorsed Clinton – claimed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Sanders is too liberal to win the White House.


Who knew that it would take a former “Saved By the Bell” star to get Hillary Clinton to open up about how scared she would be if Republicans choose Donald Trump as their nominee next summer? More importantly, he’ll be anti-abortion, in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, opposed to insurance coverage for contraception, and opposed to paid family and sick leave – in other words, the “war on women” argument will be a piece of cake to make against him, even if he personally never says anything about “legitimate rape” or some such. A recent study by the Journal of Adolescent Health found that 19% of women – almost 1-in-5 – said they had been a victim of attempted or complete rape during their freshman year of college. You have the right to be heard. At another point, he told students the Book of Amos said, “Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream”.

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