Hillary Clinton tends bar on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in political season premiere

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [pop] star!”


Following the commercial, Hillary introduced Miley Cyrus.

Weekend Update took aim not just at the GOP field, but at Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden as well, all in the pursuit of shaming viewers through comedy. “Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris”, which benefits from airing behind a strong show in live ratings like “The Voice”, grew just 0.26 in L+3 (to 2.15 rating), leaving it down 13% week to week (from 2.47). “No”, McKinnon replies. “She was real”. Money quote: “Pete’s really focused for someone who mostly talks about how much pot he smokes,” said Lorne Michaels. The rest are hedging their bets by winking at the camera. The Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz Tour will visit five additional cities with dates lined up in New York City, Washington DC, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston.

Strong returned to coax McKinnon from the bar, as the fake Clinton recounted her experience with Val. Is Colin Jost purposefully.

Bartender: Aren’t you all looser?

Overall, the skit was friendly toward Clinton and closed with the former first lady joining McKinnon in singing “Lean on Me”. This was somewhere in between, but since it’s the first episode back, we’ll let it slide.

Davidson does his usual, adorable “resident young person” number again, turning his standup into four minutes of correspondent material.

She then asked, “Do you think he will win the primaries?” “He puts his hair on one strand at a time!” It acknowledges a mistake (in a way that’s far more believable and effective than your usual my major failing is that I sometimes work too hard for America faux-self-effacement).

“I agree with you there”.

As season openers go, this episode was not encouraging.

Her costumes were not only skimpy, but she also flashed one of her bare breasts for like a nano-second.

The Millennials – Is this the new version of the Californians? It turns out the world had change since they last walked around.

Last night, Clinton was on the SNL season premiere.

Speaking of Republican candidates, at one point Clinton – the real one – mimicked Donald Trump with a hoarse, throaty rendition of his dismissive statement, “Uh, you’re all losers”. Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) surveyed the scene and moaned, “Oh, my God”. The skit took place in a pub where McKinnon, as Clinton, meets the real Clinton-only she’s a bartender named Val.

Abilify … for Presidential contenders – This was about as good a commentary for people like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee as possible: Just stop.

It should come as no surprise that Clinton turned the SNL season premiere into a major campaign stop. Points to the brilliant Kate McKinnon for (mostly) holding it together. Look-it’s not what I was here for. I’ll also evaluate how well the host performed and name an MVP of the night before wrapping it up.

Clinton, like many an “SNL” guest, relied heavily on cue cards for most of her lines. Tonight, however, she’s given three major pieces and delivers on all of them. Adding “Directed by Alfonso Cuaron” was a nice touch to this fake trailer as were the comments about Taylor Swift’s use of models, actors and more, essentially as living props on her tour. Her energetic commentary is amusing, though it can be hit or miss, and it’s relied upon a little too much. But at least we got to see Kenan Thompson do a few of that hilarious yelling that makes every sketch better. Many have said it’s because he’s so human – so relatable. Shocker of the evening: Clinton does a pretty spot-on Trump impression.

Viewers of Saturday Night Live were left stunned last night as host Miley Cyrus broke down in tears during a performance.


In doing so however, the Clinton campaign snuck in a freebie to her Democratic opponents in the form of her debate comeback to that criticism. These aren’t great sketches, but Jones is great in them.

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