Hillary Clinton Was Totally Free To Delete Personal Emails, DOJ Claims

“Deleting emails is not the same at wiping a server“. “They are totally incompatible positions”.


The State Department originally ignored the Judicial Watch request.

Fellas, if your wife asks if you’re having an affair, respond by saying, “You have no proof!” “The Department’s Office of Information … will contact you regarding additional steps with respect to the disposition of your and/or your client’s electronic copies of these documents”.

According to the Post, Clinton has “creat[ed] the impression that…[the] emails were gone forever”. All three agreed.

The first server and Kendall’s thumb drives have been handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating whether classified information was mishandled on the devices. “He’s some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle”, she said. “As I said, it was allowed and there was no hiding it. It was totally above board”. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense”. An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment on the status of the inquiry.

“The Department is taking appropriate steps”.

She went on to say he “gets his marching orders from the Koch brothers”, referencing Charles and David Koch, the wealthy industrialists who support various conservative causes.

A spokesman for Google, which operates Gmail, declined to discuss specifics.

Although the controversial O’Keefe has plenty of detractors for his particular brand of journalism, his Project Veritas team, which mostly specializes in undercover videos, has done its share of investigative reporting into corrupt or fraudulent government practices, work which seems to be generally falling out of favor in the mainstream or legacy media.

“Federal law and our privacy policy prohibits us from disclosing information about our users or their use of our services absent legal process or user consent”, spokeswoman Natalie Azzoli said. “I’m sorry about it and I take full responsibility”. “I’m running my campaign and I am criticizing the Republicans on a very regular basis because I want the American people to know what the real choice is”. “This certainly raises so many more questions here, and it ensures that this will just keep going on and on and on”. A classified document is marked “Top Secret” or some such.

In recent weeks, O’Keefe released two other videos targeting the Clinton campaign.

“There is no “gap” in Secretary Clinton’s sent messages from the December 2012 through the end of January 2013″. There are indications, however, that technicians still might be able to recover some of those messages.

Clinton already issued an apology for not using separate email accounts when making public and private correspondences.

When Jeb Bush was governor of Florida, eight hurricanes and four tropical storms crashed into the state in less than a year and half, leaving more than $100 billion in losses. “Classification has an element of discretion given to the person responsible for classifying”.

Still on the topic of Republicans, she proclaimed, “You’ll not hear a republican say ‘Black Lives Matter.'” This led her to talk about the Dontre Hamilton shooting that occurred on April 20, 2014 where a schizophrenic black man was shot by a white police officer in Red Arrow Park. But the probe goes on, and has even widened to take in the email issue.

From the United Nations speech she gave in 1995 until now, she has been a fighter for women’s rights and equality above all. Clinton’s campaign chalks this up to feuding between agencies and a classification system that they say has run amok.


The server Clinton used as secretary of state was stored at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and was shared with her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and his staff. The device was managed during that time by a State Department worker who was paid by the Clintons for his work on their private system.

Hillary Clinton addresses supporters at the Quad City Federation of Labor's Salute to Labor Chicken Fry at Illiniwek Park in Hampton Ill