Hillary Clinton Will Appear on S.N.L.’s Season Premiere

This all makes Sanders largely competitive for the nomination, if you take into account money alone. After raising .5 million in the second quarter, she saw diminishing returns in the third, with her total dropping to million.


650,000: The number of individual donors to Sanders so far.

But Clinton’s financial advantage against the surging Sanders is supposed to be her saving grace, and the latest numbers could give worry to Democrats already rattled by her sluggish polling numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire. In quick succession Wednesday night, both Clinton and Sanders announced that their campaigns pulled in more than $20 million between July and September.

Bechdel was referencing when a Washington Post report highlighted John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, taking a bus from Washington to New York, and that the campaign had boasted in April that all its printers were set to double-sided in order to save paper. I get excited and I find myself thinking – we all do – of ways we can extend our reach”.

Walsh said he was struck when he caught Clinton on TV about two months ago talking about drug abuse, alcoholism and mental health issues on the campaign trail.

But insofar as local residents have felt compelled to donate to a presidential candidate, they’ve chosen Sanders: About 70 percent of all presidential campaign donations from within the city have gone to Sanders.

Sanders is an openly declared Democratic socialist, and that populism has fueled huge crowds during the summer from progressives who think the Democratic Party – and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton – is too close to Wall Street. Many experts contend her setup might have been insecure, and government inspectors general have found information that they say should have been classified among the emails.


Clinton said the State Department could have allowed those from nontraditional families to choose alternative descriptors, so long as using mother and father remained the “presumption”. That, in addition to the money raised from by the super political action committee Priorities U.S., means the former secretary of State is on track to raise $100 million by the end of the year. Clinton, meanwhile, has spent millions promoting her own messages. It’s a reflection of strong grassroots support for Sanders, the Vermont Senator.

Bernie Sanders waves as he leaves the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention last month