Hillary Takes To SNL To Tie Up Some Loose Ends

Last night’s season premiere brought Hillary Clinton on stage to have an extended interaction with, well, Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of her.


Saturday Night Live” returned for its 41st season with host and musical guest Miley Cyrus, and wasted no time jumping into the latest headline-grabbing political headlines, even including a guest appearance from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic presidential candidate played Val the bartender, serving drinks to Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon.

At one point, McKinnon’s Hillary, who had been sitting at the bar drinking when another patron proclaimed that Carly Fiorina could be the nation’s first female president, spills her deepest sorrows: She’s stuck in Donald Trump’s shadow.

The real Clinton told faux Clinton that “you have such a young, cool vibe, you must work in Brooklyn”. “You supported it pretty soon”, says Val.

It’s hard to mock Hillary Clinton, as her personality isn’t exactly larger than life.

During Weekend Update, Pete Davidson makes the argument that Donald Trump’s candidacy for president was “funny at first”, but has gone on too long!

The bitch was back in Studio 8H Saturday night, and she was welcomed with open arms. She appeared then with cast member Amy Poehler, who was then regularly portraying Ms Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s cameo in a comedy skit on “Saturday Night Live” was, like her other media appearances, carefully calibrated to connect with a broad national audience and cross off another item on her campaign checklist without risking outright ridicule.

McKinnon’s character admitted to Clinton that she should have supported gay marriage and opposed the Keystone Pipeline earlier than she did.

McKinnon’s portrayal of Clinton probably wasn’t helping matters.

Miley Cyrus was there for the premiere, too.

Clinton even winked at this a bit in the sketch. The sketch starts with Cyrus and Kyle Mooney about to say their “I do’s” when Mooney abruptly runs out of the room to whine to Beck Bennett and Bobby Moynihan about his unwillingness to marry Cyrus, despite how ideal she would be as a wife.


SNLalso helped Clinton by taking digs at her competition. Normally, sketches that include music (the rights for which cost extra for streaming) get nixed from the day-after barrage of clips made available online.

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