Hillary talks Donald Trump on first TV interview as Presidential candidate

NASCAR and the PGA seem to be distancing themselves from Trump.


The video response from Perry begins with a shot of Trump’s tweet set to a soundtrack of chirping birds.

“If I get the nomination, I’ll win the Latino vote”, Trump vowed.

Perry goes on to claim, “Under my leadership, Texas dedicated almost a billion dollars to border security efforts”.

Donald Trump who is riding high in the polls Wednesday doubled down on his charge against the Mexican government and undocumented immigrants. From what these men told me, Trump spoke the truth.

The real estate mogul said he would build an “impenetrable” wall on the US-Mexico border and force Mexico to pay for it. “Mexico’s making a fortune off the United States“, he said.

He’s also been dumped from The Apprentice TV show by USA network NBC and now his other ventures are beginning to suffer – with his Trump National Golf Club at Doral losing three big events.

“I am proud to say that I know many hard-working Mexicans – many of them are working for and with me”, he added, as if that helps.

Trump did not appreciate it when Cooper continued to question him about why he wouldn’t have known if the workers were illegal immigrants. He said he would be better able to create jobs as president than fellow Republican Jeb Bush or Democrat Hillary Clinton. “Frankly, if I didn’t bring it up, you wouldn’t even be talking about immigration right now”. In June, Trump refused to release his own passport records or college records.

The Ricoh Women’s British Open is to be played this year at Turnberry, the links and resort on the west coast of Scotland that Trump recently purchased and now calls Trump Turnberry.

“Out of all the candidates in the race, Rick Perry is the only one who could have secured the southern border”.

“I’m a failed man”, Trump scoffed.

“Hillary’s weak on immigration”, he said. His stance on immigration has already created outrage among millions. Trump is just the GOP’s anti-immigrant flavor of the month.

The following day the R&A and European Tour issued statements “echoing the sentiments” of the other organisations, although the European Tour does not now have a direct link with Trump.

“(Clinton) was the worst Secretary of State in the history of our nation, ” Trump told Katy Tur on TODAY Thursday.


“We do not have adequate immigration enforcement in the interior, which is largely because of Obama administration policies”, she said.