Hip-hop drama Empire returns – can it maintain quality in season two?

And still this was the grossest turn in the entire season that included a wife who kept a baby bib in the kitchen drawer for sexy fun times after she’d already gotten dressed for the day. Some care should be taken though, because Empire limits itself in those moments, choosing to careen into chaos rather than build up actual drama. “We approach the guest cast as story, and we don’t jump through hoops to create something special for somebody”. Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Boo Boo Kitty teamed up against Lucious in the finale by planning a hostile takeover of Empire – but will they be successful in their lofty endeavors?


Showrunner Ilene Chaiken teases Empire spoilers via TV Guide that this season is all about “warring kingdoms”.

On the other hand, things may not be working out well for Lucious Lyon inside prison because he announced that he needs to be free ASAP.

In the latest promo trailer for “Empire” Season 2 Episode 1, TV Fanatic reported Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) looked like he was giving the orders in the company now that his father, Lucious, is behind bars. Helping to do that are a roster of new recurring stars, including Magic Mike’s Adam Rodriguez as a love interest for Cookie and The Wire’s Andre Royo as a lawyer ally for Lucious.

But while Jamal goes off the deep end, Hakeem begins to step up and mature. “He’s very passionate about his actors, and he brings the best out of us”. But the actress jokes about the riveting storylines the writers have given her character, “They’re pushing me”.

In Empire, we see this at virtually every turn. Empire spoilers tease that viewers will see big shifts in both Hakeem and Jamal this season as their roles in the family and company have shifted. “That says a lot about her”.

The audience, says Gealey, “loves the complexity” of “Empire”, and she does, too.

Doubleday is the only white regular in the cast, making her a key player in one of the many uncomfortable social issues “Empire” confronts. Lucious wouldn’t let something as trivial as a murder trial prevent him from handling his business, so you can definitely expect him to use his influence to direct Empire Entertainment from jail.

AP: You were 24 and studying to be a psychologist when “Precious” launched you unexpectedly into an acting career. Henson pulls the part off believably, which is in and of itself a remarkable feat considering how completely insane she likely reads on paper.

Now that “Empire” is a mega-success, how long would you like the show to go on for?

Emmy nominee Henson shares that one way Season 2 is moving forward is by looking at Cookie’s past, particularly her incarceration.


I think she is everybody’s spirit animal, or their alter ego”, Henson said.

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