‘Hot Kebab Girl Meltdown’: Woman freaks over order mistake, but did she

The video called “Angry Hot Kebab Girl Meltdown” captures a woman screaming at workers for using green peppers in her child’s meal instead of red peppers.


The unknown woman also repeatedly jabs at the workers for communicating with each other in another language.

“My kids don’t eat green things, they eat red peppers”, she tells them, slapping her hands on the counter, after admonishing two members of staff for not speaking in English.

“15 minutes”, she shouts. “Get it right the first time, get it right the first time”.

The women offer to remake the order however the woman refuses saying they should have made the order right the first time. And in this instance, karma reared its head and on the way out, seemingly helped the woman forget she was storming towards a closed door.

As she gathered her order and turned to leave, she was so preoccupied with lecturing the employees that she didn’t pay attention to how close she was to the door, and slammed right into it.

This woman missed a ferry – I’d hate to see what happens when she misses a plane… “I wanted it with red pepper, what are you going to do about it?”


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Woman totally flips out over green peppers then smacks into door