How exactly would this Trump plan work?

Trump says he has changed his stance on accepting donations as long as they come with “no strings attached”.


One study by the American Action Forum, a conservative group, estimated mass deportation to cost from $400 billion to $600 billion over a decade, and reduce economic growth by $1.6 trillion. For my part I blame Donald Trump.

Following the targeted attack of a Latino homeless man in Boston, a prominent Latino civil rights has warned that Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant hate speech could cause more backlash against Latinos across the country.

So, for this guy, I never heard of him. The government has no idea how many illegals [are here]. We’re a country of laws, and we have to do it that way, George. “We’ve lost control of our borders”. Virtually never. Yet here was Trump, telling it like it is, on national TV!

As for Trump’s notion that America could charge countries like South Korea and Japan for protecting them militarily, really?

The Wisconsin governor, who also appeared on This Week dismissed that criticism.

For Trump, who often boasts of his own wealth and business dealings, taxation of hedge fund earnings has not been a central campaign focus. “Oh, no, wait a minute, Trump has a good idea”‘.

Speaking with reporters in Texas, Bush said he was referring specifically to the practice in which immigrants enter the United States so that their children can be born here and declared American citizens. “We’ve lost control of our borders”.

“I know how Billy Graham felt”, Trump, a billionaire businessman, said, apparently jokingly, as he began his speech at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, which was about half-full. “It’s what she had”, he said.

Ending birthright citizenship, Christie noted, would require amending the U.S. Constitution.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press“, Carly Fiorina said Trump is wrong on birthright citizenship.

The Chinese stock market recorded its lowest numbers in eight years, and even China’s official state news agency, Xinhua, called the plunge “Black Monday”.

The call to secure the border as a first priority is a familiar one in the GOP field. However, other candidates and legal experts are split on the issue. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson trails Trump with 11 percent. “It’s silly political correctness, ” he said.

“If we could get 12 million people to leave, why don’t we just do that now?”


DOOCY: He takes aim at your immigration, your trade and your taxes. I support the Fourteenth Amendment.

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