How to claim your share of $200M in Maryland tax refunds

They are owed a refund, as are thousands of other Maryland taxpayers.


The taxpayer windfall is the result of a 5-to-4 decision in which the high court ruled that Maryland’s practice of withholding a credit on the county segment of the state income tax wrongly exposed residents with out-of-state income to illegal double taxation.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced that hundreds of millions of dollars will be going back to Maryland residents in the form of tax refunds.

People who paid local income taxes in both Maryland and another state besides D.C., Virginia and West Virginia for 2011-2014.

In May, the Supreme Court ruled Howard County couple Brian and Karen Wynne were essentially double-taxed on income earned out of state.

Protective claims: Taxpayers who already filed protective claims need not claim refunds.

As comptroller, Franchot was the petitioner in the case argued before the court late previous year.

“For years I have said that Maryland citizens were being overtaxed and overcharged, and now an estimated 55,000 taxpayers are eligible for substantial income tax refunds”, Hogan said.

The state will cover the expense with a reserve fund set aside to pay tax refunds, though local governments will pay the money back. The total amount to be refunded could add up to more than $200 million, Hogan said. Delegate Bill Frick, a Montgomery County Democrat, said the county will lose about $100 million in local revenue due to the refunds.


“For the a very large number Maryland the system affected by the Wynne selection, the Comptroller’s Office is operating indefatigably just to get your earnings returned to you personally, at which it…”

Maryland to Provide $200M in Tax Refunds to Residents