How to download and install Windows 10 Feature Updates

This will allow you to have instant access with a linked Android phone’s photos and texts on your computer. On the software side, leveraging DXR (and by extension, Nvidia’s RTX technology) requires the latest Windows 10 build and updated GPU drivers.


Microsoft has not yet responded to a request for comment, and there are various theories as to the cause, ranging from it being linked to a group policy setting to an error in how Windows moves files from the previous version of Windows 10.

Microsoft unveiled a slew of new and updated products at an event yesterday, curiously including laptops without USB-C ports. The big caveat: Your phone needs to be running Android 7.0 or up.

In this first phase, the app will be compatible only with phones that run Android 7.0 and up. You can even send and receive texts. Still handy, but less so.

Along with the Mirroring feature, Microsoft also announced one another feature related to the online web history.

Microsoft has been experimenting with ways to bring phones and PCs together for a little while now, but its efforts have been haphazard, with numerous apps such as Continue on PC appearing on iOS and Android. The feature will work seamlessly when users sign in to the same Microsoft account on both their PCs and the Launcher for Android.

How to get Windows 10 October 2018 update?

As Microsoft has pushed for Windows 10 to be the final major version of the operating system that it releases, bi-annual upgrades to keep the platform up to date are now the norm. Microsoft says that it’s coming to iPhone at some point soon, as well. There are also some tweaks to their existing emoji like the computer one, octopus, bee, dove and more. DXR also gives all game developers access to Nvidia’s RTX hardware support of ray-tracing, according to Nvidia, so it’s possible we might see the list of now confirmed RTX-enabled games start to grow.

Moreover, Microsoft has expanded text suggestions, which debuted in the April 2018 update, to over fifty languages. A feature called AirDrop, too, makes it easy to share photos and other files between all Apple devices. Microsoft hopes that this update will help people get more work done when they need to, with Windows fighting with them rather than against them. The mirroring app is an attempt to integrate the mobile phone ecosystem with Windows. “With the first few titles powered by DirectX Raytracing just around the corner, we’re about to take the first step into a raytraced future”.


Windows will give you Swiftkey-style stats: Go to Settings Devices Typing and click on View typing insights to see them.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update Available Today