How to Download Apple’s iOS 9 Beta—If You Dare

Apple announced their new Apple News app at WWDC, the app will launch with iOS 9 later in the year and it is now available in iOS 9 beta 3.


There are others new tweaks, too, such as improved iPad folders, Mail enhancements and more.

Apple also promises swifter performance, whether you’re opening PDFs or playing games (thanks to Meta for Mac support). Depending upon the publications and topics, the app will curate a list of news stories for the user. It also displays specific channels and topics and comes with support for the addition of RSS feeds from Safari. Thus, when a user restore the iOS device, the jailbreak as well as the favorite sources/repos in Cydia will be available.

Apple’s current Two-Factor Authentication scheme has been criticized for being clunky.

User eligible for participation during the public betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan will be prompted to activate two-factor authentication when signing into their upgraded devices for the first time.

Apple urged beta partakers to back up their devices before installing the previews, and included links to instructions for reverting back to the stable iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite in its FAQ.

The Verge reveals a few new photo features: folders for your screenshots and your selfies.

Right now, iOS 9 beta 3 gives us a pretty good taste of what News has to offer, though the experience is a little sluggish in the early going.

VB’s research team is studying mobile user acquisition…

A public beta of iOS is expected to be released soon, letting anyone that signs up get their hands on the software.

Among the user-visible improvements: Spotlight search is more powerful, and it can bring in data from more third-party sources and respond better to “natural” language like “photos from last week”. Scroll down to the Language & Region settings, and hit “Region” under the Region Formats section. Also, the hamburger icon has been replaced with a clock icon to represent the apps that have the most battery usage.


The Recovery Key security mechanism has caused problems for Apple users and led to some users abandoning their Apple ID, the publication explained. You’ll be given a configuration profile to install, which will enable your phone or tablet to grab the iOS 9 OTA just as it would see a standard iOS 8 update.