How to Find True Happiness

If you look around yourself, you will find yourself surrounded by men and women searching for happiness that seems to be eluding them. Most people think money to be the key to success and happiness. In fact, they judge others’ success on the basis of assets they have and decide whether they are happy or not. Then there is another category of people who feel that fame and position or status in society is what brings happiness. If you ask 100 people about when they will be happy, they say that they will be happy when they are rich and successful.


True-HappinessGrass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and this proverb has a deeper meaning than it suggests. You spend all your life achieving material assets and properties only to find that time has caused many more desires to pop up in your mind. I will be happy when I get a decent job or I will be happy when I get married to a beautiful girl are examples of people looking for happiness in the outside world. These people measure happiness in terms of goals they have set for themselves. There are so many people and so many desires that seem to be endless in nature and variety. Even a man as great as Alexander the Great died unsatisfied and unhappy though he had conquered most of the world at such a young age.

If you think you will be happy when you are able to achieve a goal, you will find that there is another desire in your mind by the time first goal has been achieved. Do not make happiness conditional to things, people, and money. Happiness lies within yourself and you cannot find it outside. You can always be happy ad it is in your hands to be happy or worried. It is a state of mind rather than a goal that you can achieve. Happiness is not money, not success, and not even in finding true love. It is a state of mind that you can learn to be in all the time.

Most of us are not happy because we are not aware of where true happiness lies. We want to be happy but have beenTrue-Happiness 1 conditioned by the society to find happiness in people, things and luxuries. A man spends all his life earning money and becomes a millionaire only to find that though he has enough money for himself, he is empty from inside and not happy at all. If you find happiness, you will find that it is more costly than all the money and property that you have earned for yourself. If you are happy, you find happiness all around and the same nature looks so very beautiful that otherwise looks dull and worrisome.


If I tell you that you are sad because you like it that way, you will be surprised. But the fact is that being happy is in your own hands and you can choose to be happy in all circumstances.