How to Know Your Strengths

Every individual is good at certain jobs while being average or even poor at some other tasks. There are certain activities in life that you enjoy more than others and you have skills and abilities that others do not possess. You are better off when you are playing according to your strength rather than being made to do things that you are not good or adept at. Knowing your strengths is always advantageous as you can leverage them to be in a better situation in life, whether it is play or work. Most people however are not aware of their true strengths and spend most of their time doing things and activities they are not good at. You can reshape your life by knowing where your strengths lie as these strengths help you in being more efficient and productive.moteleola-feelings



Study your feelings and emotions

Are there certain activities that make you feel good and full of joy when you are doing them? Your feelings are a reflection of your mind and you always feel good when you are asked to do something you are good at. This is also reflected in the level of your performance. Your feelings can take you close to your strengths.


Analyze your levels of energy

You are at your energetic best when you are doing something that you feel good about and which gives you high levels of satisfaction. If you love playing tennis, you will hardly feel tired even after playing for a few hours whereas you can feel tired by sitting alone in a room.


Take out your achievements

Take a look at your certificates, medals and prizes that you won in the past in different activities. The sporting activities, the tasks that you take for granted can provide you with a clue as to where your true and real strengths lie.


Do you lose track of time?

It is easy to get to your strength areas by finding out activities that make you lose track of time. Do you forget your schedule when playing with your pet or doing gardening in your garden? Then you must realize where your interest lies.


Better than others

There are people who are better than most others in certain activities whether it is cooking, running, typing, learning Moodslanguages, translation, or any other activities. Did you learn cycling in a matter of minutes or learnt driving in an hour? This means you have special talents in these areas as you could learn these tasks much more quickly than most other people.


Analyze the feedback from people who are important

You can easily get to your areas of excellence if you make constructive use of the feedback that s provided to you by people who matter the most n your life. If there are certain tasks that earned you heaps of praises from your near and dear ones, you are close to identifying your strength areas.

If you can identify your strengths and remodel your life around these strengths, you can certainly enjoy your life more and also be more productive.