How To Look Great At Any Summer Party

Although the winter months and particularly the run up to Christmas is traditionally feted as being party season, there is no question that summer is a great time filled with gatherings and excitement, too. These tend to be family occasions or students celebrating the end of their studies for a few months rather than the office and work based events that are more common towards the end of the year.


Winter parties are also known for the time and thought people put into making themselves look and feel great. The approach to a summer gathering should not be any different.

Here are some tips to help you master the summer party look.

Go for a Covered Look

If there’s one thing that you have to do above all else it’s to make sure you keep covered up. Yes, it’s the summer and yes, it is going to be hot.

However, that doesn’t mean people want to see 70% (or more) of your uncovered body. If you’re of a scientific persuasion, you’ll also know that wearing clothes actually keeps you cooler. If you want to sit around with your shirt off, stay at home and in the confines of your garden, preferably the one away from the main thoroughfare!

What to Avoid

Shorts and t-shirts are fine, we’re not saying you need to cover up head to toe, we’re more saying avoid looking like your stereotypical thug type. Another way to achieve this is to ensure you avoid football shirts.

Most other sportswear, a cricket shirt, a basketball vest, or a cycling jersey, for example, is acceptable, but you need to make sure the rest of your outfit looks great with them.

What to Wear

Okay, so by now you should be abundantly clear on what you’re not going to do; here are some ideas for the great clothes you can choose to wear; we’ll start at the top.

T-Shirt and Jacket

The t-shirt can be branded or unbranded, it’s up to you, and whether you go for something fitted or loose will depend on your body shape and on your confidence level.

As for the jacket, for us it’s branded every time. Look at things like the g star jackets at J-Bees for an idea of what you should be wearing. If a branded jacket doesn’t do it for you, consider a linen blazer instead.


You need to ditch the Nike shorts, and instead focus on fashion all the way. Go for chino shorts, available from all retailers, or a denim alternative.

If you’re conscious of showing too much leg, even as a man, then consider denim cargo shorts as an alternative.


The footwear is up to you, but the look we’ve suggested so far calls for Vans, Converse, or vintage Adidas trainer lines like the Gazelle, rather than Nike Blazers or some other type of high-top, urban shoe.

Of course, the choice is yours, and we’re sure you’re going to find some excellent garments that make you look great at all the summer parties you’re set to attend.


Andy is a fashion conscious party lover who always ensures he looks great at any party he attends, although he is often the butt of jokes from friends for taking so much time over his appearance.