How to make a ‘Netflix and Chill’ button

Netflix users, however, quickly coined it the “Netflix and Chill”.


It seems as if Netflix’s PR people have chose to cash in on the popular “Netflix and Chill” hooking up reference by revealing what it calls ‘The Switch’ – a DIY, internet-connected button in a box that can provide the “ultimate Netflix experience”.

Once built, the idea is that you would be able to enter a room and simply hit the big button which will automatically connect to the TV and begin streaming Netflix.

The button will dim the lights, silence your phone, start up your Netflix account and even order takeout. The walkthrough guides you on how to make it, but tells you early on that you “should be comfortable with a soldering iron and have a solid understanding of electronics and programming before embarking on your journey to one-switch watching”.

These overly complicated in depth instructions, uploaded to the Netflix site, give a very elaborate and very detailed means to build a Netflix button that will allow you summon Netflix with one push.


But shortcomings aside, this is still a pretty cool creation. But that’s just me being lazy and clueless when it comes to building my own technology and just wanting to throw my money at something that isn’t really a problem in my life. Plus, the device probably doesn’t pick what you want to watch on Netflix for you either, so there goes another few hours of scrolling through the Netflix library. Other materials Netflix suggests include a lithium-ion polymer battery and charger, red and white LEDs, an IR transmitter, a transistor and a resistor kit.

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