How To Make Your Heating System Work For You All Year Round

With the unpredictable and ever changing weather in the UK it can be difficult to find a heating system that suits our temperamental weather. We typically find ourselves constantly adjusting our heating to match the weather Britain inexplicitly throws at us. Turning it up, turning it down, turning it off, and when you arrive home from work it’s never the temperature you want due to completely different weather in the morning when you left. There is a solution though that could work all year round with little interference from you. Try a thermostatic radiator valve.


How The Radiator Valve Helps

The beauty of installing a thermostatic radiator valve is that it’s so simple and leaves your home at your perfect heat chosen by you throughout the year without you having to intervene. Imagine coming home and your home is the exact temperature you want it to be, waking up and again it’s the perfect temperature, not to hot not to cold. This can be a reality with a thermostatic radiator valve. Simply set the temperature you want your home to stay at and the radiator valve can ensure it never drops below.

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is set your temperature and then the valve does all the hard work for you. The thermostatic valve works by measuring the temperature of the room to determine whether or not the radiator needs to be on heating your home or not. If your room does drop below your optimum temperature then the valve will ensure that the radiator is turned back on until the temperature is reached again. This means that your home will rarely drop below the temperature that you find most comfortable. When the sensor detects it is time to heat your home the valve opens allowing water into your radiator.

So What Are The Benefits?

Having a thermostatic radiator valve installed in your home boasts lots of benefits. Not only does it ensure that your home is just as you like it but it can also save you money. Without a thermostatic valve often our radiators can be pumping out heat unnecessarily meaning your home becomes too hot and you are wasting money and energy. Using a TRV means you will no longer have to change the heating settings as the weather changes which in the UK is a daily occurrence. Sit back and enjoy having the heating in your home completely controlled and taken care of without lifting a finger.

TRV’s are also environment friendly. Our heating source is not renewable meaning if we are careless with it we will run out sooner than anticipated. By using a radiator valve this means that you will only be using the energy you need doing your bit to look after the environment and save energy.

The benefits of installing a valve are clear, and they are so simple to use! Start using one today and find your home always warm and comfortable, save money and save energy.

Eilidh MacRae works for West Radiators who supply radiator valves and thermostatic valves to help make your home more comfortable.


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