Mandy Weston has given the 20 years of her life while working with theater, television, drama, commercial and voice over. Not only this, Mandy Weston has also worked as an actress for a long time. Mandy always likes to work for the funny stuffs and comedy. She is writing and producing many shows full of comedy and entertainment.  Various credits by Weston are Alice in Closer, Cordelia in King Lear, Anne in Little Malcolm, Abigail in God Knows, Alex in Game, Kate in Blue for a Boy, Therese in Therese Raquin, Leah in My Sister in this House, Cordelia in King Lear, Ophelia in Hamlet.


Mandy Weston was working as a board member with an international firm and then started with her own company and became the owner of her firm. Mandy started her company after working for more than 10 years with the international company and it was a real hard decision for her to leave the organization and to start up with her own company. She decided to leave the position as the board member, which was a risky decision at that time.

She was confined to the various tasks and various groups, when she was working with the international company as the member of the board. She was handling 250 members of the staff, handling and controlling PR, human resources and marketing departments, also managing the large amount of the budget of the international firm, which exceeds £1 million. She started with her company named Wise Consulting and started to work with the same tasks and used her past work experience. Even after setting up her own company, Waston did not change her work culture and worked in the very similar fashion even sitting on boardrooms, drinking coffee and so on.

With her HR experience, she started by hiring 3 people in her organization. She spent many sleepless nights in order to develop and grow Wise Consulting. Along with one of her colleague in Wise Consulting, she launched the social enterprise to support a start up business in her town, Caerphilly, called the Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise (ICE). The organization works for advice and financial support needed to launch the partners and few parent  organizations also mentor in business finance, marketing, PR, funding, planning, branding and other areas. Weston was learning by working with both the organizations in parallel and earning a great experience. She also thought to work in various other center domains of ICE.  She even work at home, along with working as a single mother of a daughter and is managing work and office together.

Listed below are few points that needs to be considered if someone is planning to start with their own business after working with the independent firms are provided by her.

  • Never take decisions alone and work with few friends of same profile to take a right decision.
  • Do not just go on your experience in order to deal with market and always be upgraded and never hesitate to discuss with your previous colleagues and friends.
  • Always be ready to swap your roles and profiles and be ready to work in a bit low to the highest profile, involving any task that you have never done.
  • Plan and then execute the plans after complete preparation.
  • Give time and work hard in order to achieve what you want.



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