HTC is planning to launch a new phablet with fingerprint scanner facility same as Apple

After a successful launch of the new iPhone 5S with the latest and most secure feature that is finger print scanner, now HTC is also planning to come up with the same feature in its upcoming phablet “HTC One Max”.


HTC One Max Phablet

This fingerprint scanner facility was started with iPhone 5S. Apple has fixed this scanner at the front side home button, which is also be used for locking or unlocking the device. Currently this service is being used by only Apple and now HTC and hopefully other brands also move towards this highly secured facility.

Unlike HTC’s yet launched phones, this phone would get much bigger display screen about 5.9 inch. Few months back HTC has launched its 4.7 inch phone with title HTC One and now they are planning for this new phablet phone with larger display. HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho said that “Now a days, large screen phone are more preferable than any small screen, and these large screen phone are much more demandable in Asian countries than any western countries.”

The company officials also mentioned that this phablet will get the most secured environment with fingerprint scanner which allows the user to lock or unlock their phone. But in HTC One Max, this facility is provided at back side instead of front side as the Apple iPhone 5S has.

HTC officials also said that this phablet will get a powerful support from the Qualcomm Inc. Snapdragon 600 processor. HTC One Max has most its feature same as the HTC One including the camera which is 4 Ultra Pixels. Since this HTC One Max has a bigger display then it must have a powerful battery. Source says that this phone will get 3300mAh battery which will be quite ok to run this 5.9 inch display for a longer duration without charging.

Company have assured their customers that they will get a much secured environment with this fingerprint scanner, as no third party can change their personal setting. This fingerprint scanner also secures the data that are saved in phone from stealing or copying. Only an authorized person can access this phone, which makes it much safe than any other normal device. Now no one will feel insecure while saving their personal or professional in their phones.


It is expected that this phone will hit the market in the last of this month at china, Taiwan and Britain.